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The largest chain of retail stores and on the web and on earth !. In our assortment you will find a large selection of IT equipment, AV equipment, household appliances, small home appliances, video surveillance devices, watches, jewelry, toys for children, health appliances and many other devices. The largest chain and on the web and on the ground - Win Win!

Win Win is a part of Alta Ltd., which operates on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. In his plan, and expansion into other markets in the region.

Currently there are 39 retail facilities in Serbia, of which nine are located in Belgrade, two in Novi Sad and three in Nis, two in Cacak, and one each in Ruma, Leskovac, Kraljevo, Kragujevac, Valjevo, Uzice, Zrenjanin, Smederevo, Subotica , Arandjelovac, Pozarevac, Jagodina, Pancevo, Krusevac, Sombor, Novi Pazar, Obrenovac, Sabac, Bor, Vršac, Vranje, Vrbas and Backa Palanka.

Are pleased to announce a new concept of shops where you can buy separate items at discount prices. Discount offer includes new merchandise, which was exposed in the store, goods packaging or damaged packaging. As part of the offer DISKONT action is and OUTLET products at extremely low prices. OUTLET products are items that due to the lack of fine-were kept in regular sales. This may be a lack of device drivers, finely damage or model of the previous generation.


We want to improve your world innovations that enrich everyday life and which are genuinely useful and practical. Assisting in exploiting all the capabilities of the technology, as of today and tomorrow. By bringing new technologies to all classes of society, supporting the construction of new, modern society.


Vision Win Win Shop is preserving and enhancing its position in the market. We strive towards improving the basic activity which involves the IT sector, as well as taking leadership positions in other niches of business for all other goods that we sell.


Product quality, service, affordability and above all customer care. A simple formula: Your satisfaction = our success!


Our main goal is to provide customers and clients at any moment as much for money, valuing their time and their faith in us. In return we gain regular clients, partners and associates. For now, we have succeeded, and we will try to remain so in the coming years.

"The real success is always there when a teamwork work hard." And as our name suggests, in the business with us no losers but on the contrary, everyone wins!

WinWinundertakes to members of the Alumni Foundation of Mechanical Engineering, and provide an additional discount of 10%.