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проф.др Часлав Митровић

Start of teaching and education at higher education level in the field of mechanical engineering is related to the year 1873, when the School of Engineering introduced the subject of Mechanics and Science of Machines. In 1897, the School of Engineering introduced three divisions of which one was Mechanical-Technical, and three years later the department officially changed its name to the Department of mechanical engineers. After World War II School of Engineering was separated from the University in Technical High School, and departments are converted into Schools. That is how today's School of Mechanical Engineering, who in addition to General Mechanic, Railway, Marine and Air-motorization department were founded in late 1946, and founded group of Military engineering. In 1954, the School of Mechanical Engineering is returned to the fold of the University of Belgrade.

School of Mechanical Engineering from University of Belgrade is the oldest and largest educational and scientific institution in Serbia in the area of mechanical engineering.

School of Mechanical Engineering today is an institution of national importance and is the basis of development of mechanical science and industry in Serbia. Excellent knowledge of mechanical engineering and techniques acquired by studying at School of Mechanical Engineering makes mechanical engineers technical elite of Serbia.

At university currently studying a total of more than 3,000 students and about 400 graduates per year. The School has close to 400 employees, of whom about over 200 lecturers.

Starting from the 2005/06 year, studies in Mechanical Engineering are taught according to new teaching plans and programs, modernized and harmonized with international standards of education (Bologna Declaration for Higher Eduction). The new studying model is based on credit system (ECTS - European Credit Transfer System). All courses are one semestral and there are a minimum of five and a maximum seven per semester. There are three levels of study:

  • Basic studies for a period of three years (6 semesters - 180 ECTS), after which the student receives the title - Bachelor of Science (B.Sci.).
  • Master (graduate) academic studies lasting two years (4 semesters - 120 ECTS), after which the student receives the title - Master of Science (M. Sci.).
  • Doctoral studies in science, for a period of three years (6 semesters - 180 ECTS), after which it acquires title - Doctor of Science - Mechanical Engineering (PhD - Philosophy Doctor (Science)).

Latin noun alumnus means "foster child, student" and comes from the verb Alerew hich means "nurture".

Alumni Foundation is an academic tradition of prestigious universities (university). Graduates and Friends voluntarily join together to improve the quality of teaching and research at the college (university) where they acquired a diploma.

The value of diploma directly is measuring with a sense of belonging to the university. The main objective of the Alumni foundation is to through activities help improve the quality of teaching and research development of teaching and research capacities and the use of intellectual potential of Mechanical Engineering. By equipping a new, modern and technologically sophisticated laboratory equipment Alumni Fond of Mechanical Engineering for students enabling to better study conditions, accelerating the development, improvement and application of knowledge in a business environment. So it raises the level of education of young engineers as a consequence raise the quality - rank School and thereby the value of diploma.

On this occasion, I want to invite all of you who in the heart keep Mechanical Engineering to show the world how our potential, prestige and a sense of belonging confirms the fact - that we are the elite.

Let's raise the level of education of new generations in the place where it belongs, at the top.

Let us show that our diplomas worth very much!

Prof.dr Časlav Mitrović, dipl.ing.