How to donate?

Alumni Foundation is an academic tradition of prestigious universities. Graduates and Friends voluntarily join together to improve the quality of teaching and research at the university where the diploma and acquired. Obtaining donations primarily from students who have graduated and from the companies that use them, at the university, knowledge and skills can be improved working conditions and studying youth at the university, which will be realized a key role in the economic faculties and economic development of the state of Serbia.

Mechanical Engineering today is an institution of national importance and is the basis of development of mechanical science and industry in Serbia. Excellent knowledge of mechanical engineering and techniques acquired by studying at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering makes mechanical engineers technical elite of Serbia.

From the standpoint of the Law on Income Tax Law ("Off. Gazette of RS", no. 25/2001, 80/2002, 80/2002 -. Law 43/2003, 84/2004 and 18/2010 - hereinafter: the Law ), the tax treatment of expenditures for donations and sponsorship in respect of the recognition of costs on that basis for the purposes of income tax is governed by the provisions of Article 15 of the Act.

Comparative research shows that in the tax legislation of all EU Member States provide for certain tax benefits for charitable giving.

The donation donation is the provision of assistance in the form of gifts in cash, goods or services to another entity, without conditionality to the same approval make any kind of a donor.

The amount in which these costs are recognized as an expense is the amount to 3.5% of total revenues, given that the stated percentage refers collectively to all expenditure under Article 15, paragraph 1 of the Act.

Accordingly, donations and gift donors are recognized in the tax balance to 3.5% of total revenue unless donors make for statutory purposes (health, educational, scientific, humanitarian, religious, environmental protection and sports purposes).

These expenses are recognized to the taxpayer regardless of whether the administration of funds for specified purposes carried directly to the user - the recipient of the donation or indirectly (through a bank or in some other way).

Help may be, as already mentioned, in the cases and equipment (eg, computers, school furniture, sports equipment, toys, etc.) As well as in the form of services to the character of the said benefits.

For donations are not needed donation agreement in writing. Then, the donor should be proper documentation to prove the expenditure incurred ida existing supporting documentation (eg. A request for granting donations, confirmation of the recipient of the donation amount, time and purpose of the income received donations etc.) To the competent tax authority to the tax return.

However Alumni Foundation of Mechanical Engineering proposes that donors before giving donations to sign a contract that would precisely define the purpose of the donation.

Alumni Foundation of Mechanical Engineering is obliged to forward the feedback to donors about the use of donated funds.

Donations in Serbian Dinars under the contract is performed on the current account of the Alumni Foundation of Mechanical Engineering:

  • Account no 160 - 253339-54
  • Purpose of payment: Donation Contract
  • Model: 97
  • Reference number: 26-015641

Prog.dr Časlav Mitrović,