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Hotel Great, hotel garni is a great 3 stars hotel in the center of Novi Sad. There are 10 rooms, apartments, which are very comfortable, and most have a living room. Since it is located in the strictest downtown, where most of the building dates from the 19th century, the building of the hotel has its historical significance, the cornerstone of 1801 year. According to the Institute for Protection of Monuments of Novi Sad, this is the oldest cornerstone in Novi Sad. It was used to indicate the height and topographic points in Novi Sad, which is known for its flat terrain. This building from the early 19th century under the protection of the Institute for Protection of Monuments, and enjoys the status of historical and cultural attractions. Although the building was completely renovated in 1998, the exterior of the building is preserved intact, while the interior features a modern interior, and content. It is situated at Nikola Pasic, close to the pedestrian zone, which continues in Zmaj Jovina street. Nikola Pasic Street is one of the oldest streets in Novi Sad, is known as an old shopping street, and is full of historical monuments, some of which can be extracted Hani Palace, the Episcopal Church, Matica Serbian, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. This is also a great place to rest and leisure, because in the immediate vicinity, there are numerous restaurants, cafe's, and shops. Great Hotel is a family business, owned by DAD 1989 doo, from Novi Sad.

Hotel Great undertakes to members of the Alumni Foundation of Mechanical Engineering, and enable additional discount of 5% on overnight services.