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BITEF Theatre is an avant-garde theater is located in the vibrant theater space reconstructed Evangelical Church, in the heart of Dorcol. Since its establishment in 1989, the idea was BITEF Theater is to spread the influence of BITEF festival, discover new theatrical tendencies in our midst, as well as providing space to artists whose work represents a step forward from the traditional boundaries of theatrical expression.

So we can call the bravest BITEF theater in the city. It is a theater of artists- researchers, theater experiment, a theater that creates a culture of not hiding behind dominant cultural model. It is here that during the theater season BITEF maintains the spirit of the festival in Belgrade. BITEF theater doors are open to all forms of theatrical expression to their refuge nowhere in another Belgrade scene. Paying particular attention to the theater of movement, contemporary dance and the latest dramatic texts from the country and world BITEF the theater whose repertoire is developing in several directions.

It is a theater of young intellectuals. OFF stage, which gathers avant-garde artists and troops by giving them a place to play, work and artistic development. It is organized on the model of modern European theater, BITEF has no permanently employed artistic ensemble. Directors, actors, writers, dancers, musicians and producers to engage in concrete projects, which proved to be the most effective way of functioning theater. In BITEF theater employed a small number of selected people who also work on the organization of the festival BITEF as technical and logistics services for the artists who during the season working in the theater.

In addition to producing plays, BITEF theater artists who gathers provides the possibility of education through various seminars, workshops and forums. That is why BITEF theater that is constantly growing, open to various types of new, fresh, daring and different theatrical expression. BITEF is not just a theater. Bitef is a school of thought and expression. Within the building BITEF theater there is a cult club BITEF ART CAFE. Apart from the rich and quality music program, BITEF ART CAFE offers theatric- cabaret forms, chamber performances, animation actions, competitions of musical and poetic type and as such represents a unique phenomenon in the night life of the capital.

Active members AFMF to grant a 50% discount for tickets to Bitef theater. Article AFMF-is obliged when paying at the cash register to show a membership card AFMF and thus obtain a discount.